Ian Teraoka Photography

Photographer | Designer | Dancer | Digital Marketer

Hi!  My name is Ian. 

I am a portrait/travel/urban photographer located in the Bay Area. You can follow my travels mainly through my Instagram (@ianteraoka).

As humans, we forget how big the world is and how small we really are.  I love seeing people explore the natural expanse that we have on this planet, as well as the creations those who lived before us built.

Let's shoot together! On weekends, I sometimes wake up at the crack of dawn to wander into the hills of Marin or San Francisco to capture the fog with my friends, The Fog Chasers (@thefogchasers). Other times, I head to the city to try new cafe's and restaurants, admiring the interiors and latte art.  

When I'm not shooting, I'm either at work as a Digital Marketer, busy designing, or practicing Hip-hop Dance.

For business inquiries or requests, please refer to my rates here, or email ian.teraoka@gmail.com; I'll be sure to get back to you! 

Collaborations and Commendations

PC: Jaclyn Le