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Focus Stacking: Canon 17-55

Ian TeraokaComment

Today I experimented with focus stacking for product photography.  Essentially, the concept is to take multiple shots of a single object, focusing on different sections and stacking them together in Photoshop to create an all around "focused" image.  Many product photographers (notably Apple) use this technique to add detail to the product. 

The entire process took about 3 hours, from the shot in the studio to carefully sectioning out the parts of focus in Photoshop.  

Though not necessarily as "creative", I feel that this technique is important to understand and try in order to be a balanced photographer.  Other applications of focus stacking include landscapes and low light photography.  

Here's the final product: 

Notice how each part of the lens is fully in focus; normally, the back section would be blurred out due to the depth of field.  More to come from this! 

Until next time!

- IT