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Delta Sigma Pi Brotherhood Games 2014

Ian TeraokaComment

I was able to do some mock photoshoots of my friends at Coyote Point, this time in the back area.  I didn't realize how relaxing the place was; I wasn't able to explore it too well until now.


The sun was out, which always causes problems with no shade, but Lightroom helps fix that a bit.  Luckily volleyball was mostly in the shade, and got a few shots of the Gamma Xi pledge class also!  First place in skit; all thanks to them and the Vice President of Social Activities!


Sunny days always means extra contrast, so had to really work on inhibiting that extra effect; the polarizer helped a lot on my 10-20 though.  The shot was not too bad as raw, but I like eliminated the darks and adding some color in the end, as well as messing with the RGB curve.


Until next time!  

- IT