Tonality at Sutro Baths


"Tonality" and "Sutro Baths."

Besides being some of the most overused words and locations in the world of Instagram, I experimented with both last Friday with a few friends during sunset. The weather was absolutely amazing - a rare warm day in San Francisco, with little to no wind at the Baths for once. 


Truth be told, I actually started out wanting to post reflection shots, as well as my usual "tiny people in big places". But for some reason, I started playing around with BW edits (thanks to Priime's new filters) and found it difficult deciding which edit was better. The sunset's colors and proceeding blue hour set a gentle, "twinkle twinkle little star"-esque vibe, but at the same time, black and white versions displayed a different tone, bringing out hidden textures.

You decide which looks best. 

The lack of wind at Sutro made it especially easy to get beautiful reflections - this one being my favorite. Although the BW version is nice, I think I'll stick to what I had originally planned for this one.

Wish Upon a Star (model Andy Lu)


Despite its unbearable popularity, I rather like Sutro Baths after all the crowds have gone, the wind departed, and the sun set. Given the right conditions, you can really feel at peace and find yourself in a different world apart from the normal hustle and bustle of the city. 

Until next time.