The Fog Chasers: Sutro Forest

In the fog, it's what I can't see that intrigues me. 

It's been two years since I started taking pictures around San Francisco, and I still end up at the same spot I first explored. I've returned many times (mainly with David Leong) and have seen the different moods of Sutro Forest. On a sunny day, you can take a nice nature hike around the hill, basking in the pockets of sunlight that scatter the forest floor, an overall pleasant but rather uneventful experience.

It's when fog envelops the hill that Sutro becomes a wonderland.

It's the wonder of "what lies beyond the path" that makes a forest enshrouded in fog such a breathtaking experience - that paired with the silence you hear as you wander through create a feeling of mystery. I walk through these trees, finding oddly shaped branches that become pronounced with the misty backgrounds, creating a beautiful photo opportunity. Portraits are a definite must, as are black and whites. 

We first park in the neighborhood at the start of the trail: a steep slope we must trek in order to find the main path. Once we climb through the foliage, we're able to wander around without beads of sweat trickling down our backs. 

The actual trail to the summit isn't hard - by taking some of the more windy trails that meander around the hill, we were able to ascend with ease. Though we reached the summit, the main attractions are the paths that wander through the trees. 

I'll definitely have more posts about Sutro Forest - it's a site that I find myself returning to whenever I need inspiration or a good reminder of why I decided to start exploring more in the first place. It's that feeling of mystery and wonder, that the world is much bigger than we think - all it takes is a few steps. 

Until next time. 


Models/Adventurists: David Leong (@davidleongphoto), Levi Burks (@leviburks)