Caturday Photoshoots

Okay, so maybe it was on a Sunday rather than actual Caturday. 

Today I had my first unofficial "pet" photoshoot with Lola, my friend's beautiful kitten not even 2 months old (so young that she doesn't even have an Instagram yet; you can see some of her brother and sneak peeks of her at @kocakodacat). I haven't had a lot of experience shooting animals (since I'm petless but hopeful!), so I rely on my friends' dogs and cats to model for me. 

Her owners, Kristy and Duncan, adopted her literally a few days before the shoot - I was honored to be the first to snap a few shots of the newborn. It was almost like a "Baby's First Photoshoot", except crying and sleeping was replaced by pouncing and constant carrying Lola back to the couch to pose her. 

I'm not a huge cat person, but how can you resist? Even with my allergies making me sneeze and wheeze a storm, Winnie and I still had a lot of fun shooting and playing with Lola! Cats are surprisingly full of energy (especially 2 mo. old kittens), and it took a LOT for us to tire her out. 

I had to resort to Aperture Priority to capture some of these; there was 0 time to adjust settings while she was playing with her cat toys - she was constantly jumping and pouncing all over the living room floor. But she eventually tired out and fell asleep after a few hours of play time. Her brother Koda was a lot more shy and took a lot more coaxing to come out into the open, which he did very gingerly. 

You can check out more photos on my Facebook Page and on Lola's brother's Instagram, @kocakodacat. 

Thanks for reading this short! I always want to get better at portraits, whether it be human or animal - feel free to reach out if you want to set something up.

Let's create together!

Until next time,