Wedding Photography: The Hamill's

Hello again! Happy to be back.

This summer was a hectic and trying time for me, doing multiple things in addition to my full time job. I started many projects that I'm now working to finish before the end of the year, most being photography gigs that had a (very) flexible delivery date.

One of the most notable opportunities I had was to be a co-photographer at my friend's weddings - on July 14th, I drove up to Marin County to attend and photograph Kevin and Chrissy Hamill's wedding, alongside Britt Hueter, founder of BAMphoto (she's an incredible wedding photographer that almost solely shoots a Sigma 35mm ART lens - super impressive!). Britt had flown in from Michigan just to document this special event for her best friend. 

The wedding was held at the Marin Arts & Gardens Center, a small stop on the way to my normal route to Mt. Tamalpais. Kevin and Chrissy had chosen a wonderful location - the ceremony was held in a small section next to a picturesque house in the shade, while the reception was on the other side near a dance hall, surrounded by trees. My impressions immediately went to the term "Pinterest Wedding" - everything was so beautifully lain out and aesthetic, it was as if it were pulled from Instagram or Pinterest itself.

I've never shot any weddings before, and I've only been to two, so you can imagine that I was pretty nervous going in. But Kevin and Chrissy were very understanding and flexible with how Britt and I worked - I took a lot of direction from the experienced and soaked up as much information as possible for my next potential gig. 

There's a ton of things that happen at a wedding, but there are some that are not to be missed: the actual ceremony, the kiss, the dinner and speeches, the cutting of the cake and the dances! It helps to know when these are (bless the wedding planner for letting me know ahead of time), so you can really plan out your night and form the perfect story. 

I've talked enough, so I'll let the rest of the images fill you in on that day.

Dance is the essence of the soul.

Everyone danced late into the night, and it was energizing seeing everyone's eyes (and moves) light up the room.  

Congratulations again, Kevin and Chrissy! Enjoy the new life you have made for yourselves - you two are perfect peas in a pod, and I can't wait to see what life has in store for you.

Until next time.

- IT