Live the Fourth

3 Locations in One Morning

I know it’s past the 4th, but oh well - I’m still posting this because I love the shots that came out. Plus America just won the World Cup so I guess that counts for something. Anyways, this 4th of July, I went out with some friends to do a 4th of July shoot - shout outs to David Leong, Jenna Kim and Vivien Trinh.

Hippie Tree


We needed something patriotic to work with, but we didn’t have our flag from recent years. A quick Amazon search yielded me a very comfy (albeit difficult to clean) American Flag sherpa that was big enough to drape over. You can find it here - looking back, maybe I should’ve gotten a larger size, but it did the job.


We started playing around with the motion of the blanket, watching it fold and billow to get some fun shots - I especially liked the more faceless shots.


Golden Gate: 2 Views

After Tiburon, we drove back to SF and tried to see the Bridge from Sausalito side, but the fog was too high so we saw nothing but gray. We had to drive back to the SF side in order to get some shots, but the weather stayed cloudy, giving some nice lighting for the morning.

Battery Godfrey


Fort Point


Hope everyone had a great Fourth! Here’s to another great shoot next year to celebrate America’s birthday.

Until next time,

- IT